Bella Presenza®


"In Italy where Bruno was raised, there is a passion for beauty in all things, not just in the way you look and what you see but in everything you say and do. This obsession, ‘bella figura’ (beautiful figure) is everywhere in Italian life. Unfortunately it can lead to exaggerated concern for surface appearances and following the latest trends that may not work with your unique style. In our Beverly Hills Salon, clients often ask for the latest look they have seen in a magazine or on some Hollywood star. But often the style is not the best for them. At Bruno and Soonie, instead of focusing merely on the bella figura, the surface image, we help you create your own Bella Presenza (Beautiful Presence), a beauty that is deeper, richer and truer to your nature, bringing out your unique style and character.


“Our Bella Presenza® line of hair care products with Bella Botanica Complex® embodies that commitment to helping you achieve your beautiful presence 'Per La Vita Dei Tuoi Capelli' - For the life of your hair®.”


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